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'*CHRISTMAS BELLS' op.634 (December 2011)
A carol for SATB chorus and organ
'*SCOTLAND' op.587 (October 2007)
Short work SATB and organ
'The Oxen' op.565 (January 2006)
A Christmas song for SATB choir (re-arranged from 'All God's Creatures' op.468)
'Sleep, sleep, happy child' op.564 (January 2006)
Arrangement for SATB and organ of the Nativity section from 'The Passion of Mary'
'Christmas Lullaby' op.502 (August 1997)
A re-arrangement of op. 413 for SATB choir and organ
'STILL FALLS THE RAIN' op.495 (February 1997)
An SATB and organ setting of the poem by Edith Sitwell
'Three SATB Choruses (Sketch)' op.447 (1993)
Derived from the music for Henry V
'FAITH ALONE CAN BUILD A CITY' op.438 (December 1991)
A hymn for choir and organ
'CHRISTCHURCH MASS' op.429 (July 1991)
A liturgical setting for choir and organ
'Four Songs Of The Nativity for SATB Chorus and Organ' op.423 (March 1991)
an arrangement iof the original work for SATB choir and 8 brass opus 415
'*JUBILATE DEO' op.406 (January 1990) Listen to this Work
A psalm setting for choir and organ
'THE FISHERMAN'S SONG' op.228 (June 1976)
The Cuckfield Carol
'THE SONG OF SAINT FRANCIS (FOR PIANO)' op.209 (January 1976)
A cantata for chorus and piano with an early Italian text, composed for The Ditchling Choral Society (see orchestral version op.248)
'CHILDREN'S SERVICE' op.203 (1975)
N/A sketch only
N/A sketch only
'SERIES THREE' op.188 (July 1974)
A setting of the communion for congregational use by Holy Trinity Cuckfield
'ALMIGHTY GOD GIVE US GRACE' op.166 (August 1973)
Setting of a collect for choir and organ
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