Trail of the Pink Panther op.316a (1982)

Musical direction on a scene featuring part of Tchaikovsky's Overture 1812
First Performance: Wembley theatre


Following my involvement with Pink Panther Strikes Again and Victor/Victoria Blake Edwards rang one day to ask if I could organise and conduct a spoof on the 1812 in which the brass section would get blown into the sky by the firing of the cannon. Stunt men were used as apparent brass players along with my orchestra The Sinfonia of London and it was duly filmed at the Wimbledon Theatre.

Related Works

A guide track created for Henry Mancini for the title sequences of Blake Edwards' Clouzot feature-film starring Peter Sellers. The brief was to include and satirise famous film moments and was animated by Tony White at the Richard Williams Studio
'The Pink Panther' op.250 (July 1977)
Music for a TV advertising film for Richard Williams
'VICTOR/VICTORIA' op.298 (February 1981)
Orchestrations for Henry Mancini for the Blake Edwards feature film starring Julie Andrews, James Garner and Robert Preston. Henry Mancini was awarded Oscar for best adaptation of score

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