The Duellists (Special Collectors Edition) op.530B (May 2002)

DVD of the feature film, with commentary by Director Ridley Scott and commentary and isolated score by Howard Blake
Published by: Famous Music Corporation USA
Commissioned by: Paramount Pictures
Recordings Available
DVD AND Video CC08975 TM and Copyright Paramont Pictures


Composer's note: ' I was invited to LA and spent a few days there, meeting Ridley at the recording and going back with him to his studios off Sunset Bvd. where I met Kevin Reynolds who was interviewing Ridley for a featurette  called 'Duelling Directors', part of the DVD. We discussed the progress of 'The Duellists' over the years and turned over possible ideas for a large-scale opera or ballet for cinema

Related Works

'THE DUELLISTS' op.247 (March 1977) (Audio Sample Available)
Score for the feature film directed by Ridley Scott, produced by David Puttnam. SPECIAL JURY PRIZE CANNES FESTIVAL 1977: IVOR NOVELLO BEST SCORE NOMINATION 1977.
'SUITE: 'THE DUELLISTS'' op.492 (September 1996)
Orchestral suite adapted from the film score

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