UP-AND-DOWN-MAN (Burlesque Suite for flute, bass-clarinet and piano) op.635 (January 2012)

An arrangement of 'The Up and Down Man' music
Published by: Highbridge Music
Instrumentation: flute, bass-clarinet and piano

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Duration: 12 mins
First Performance: Sterling Trio

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9th March 2015 The Sterling Trio (flute, piano and bass clarinet), Jean Sutcliffe mime artist, Luton schoolchildren, Library Theatre Luton 6.30pm

This concert will start at the earlier than usual time of 6,30 so that very young children can attend the first half which consists of music originally composed for a TV series featuring a mime artist. Sterling Trio are enterprisingly reinstating this role, played by Jane Sutcliffe. The second half of the concert will be of conventional classical trios including Bach and Hummel.

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