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'ADVICE FROM A CATERPILLAR (excerpt from 'Wonderland')' op.668 (March 2015)
Concert piece for violin and piano
'S O S Titanic Theme' op.637 (January 2012)
arrangement for violin and piano
'WALKING IN THE AIR for violin and piano' op.620 (December 2010)
Concert arrangement
'SONATA FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO' op.586 (September 2007) Listen to this Work
Violin Sonata, concert work in 3 movements
'ARCHANGEL'S LULLABY (for violin and piano)' op.581 (March 2007)
A suite of three pieces for children
'JAZZ DANCES (for violin and piano)' op.520a (April 2001) Listen to this Work
A concert arrangement of 'Dances for Two Pianos' for violin and piano
'Diversions (For Violin and Piano)' op.528 (2001)
Arranged from "Diversions For Cello And Orchestra", see opus 337
'PENNILLION (for violin and piano)' op.571 (April 1994) Listen to this Work
Theme and variations arranged from the original for violin and harp
'Violin Concerto (arr.for piano and violin)' op.471A (1994)
An arrangement by Helen Burrows
''Walking In The Air' (for violin and piano)' op.455 (1993)
Arranged by the composer for Christiane Edinger
'The Snowman Suite for Violin and Piano' op.371a (January 1986)
One of a series of Snowman Instrumental Suites
'ERNEST AND CELESTINE (for violin and piano)' op.327 (December 1983)
Score for a slide show
'PENNILLION (FOR VIOLIN AND HARP)' op.202 (April 1975)
A Welsh-inspired theme and variations
'VIOLIN SONATA' op.169 (October 1973)
Concert work for violin and piano, revised 2007, see op.586
Variations on 'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may' incomplete N/A
'BURLESCA' op.1D (March 1957)
Piece for violin and piano
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