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'The Snowman Piano Score , Treble and Narrator' op.323a (November 1983)
The complete concert work based on the animated film, arranged for narrator, boy soprano and piano by the composer
'HOWARD BLAKE SONGBOOK' op.684 (December 2016)
An album of concert songs for tenor and piano
'Christmas Lullaby for tenor and piano' op.685 (December 2016)
An arrangement of op.413
'La Belle Dame sans Merci' op.552a (January 2013)
arrangement for tenor and piano of 'Winterdream', originally for SSA & piano
'*JAMES JOYCE SONGS - a song-cycle for tenor & piano' op.641 (April 2012)
A cycle of songs - settings of Joyce's poems from his collection titled 'Chamber Music'
'*OH MISTRESS MINE' op.627 (September 2011)
A Shakespeare song from Twelfth Night
A re-arrangement of version for SATB and Orchestra opus.335a
A re-arrangement of the version for SA and Orchestra opus.434 (1981)
'Walking in the air (extract Lifecycle)' op.616 (September 2010)
a special arrangement for Chen Shocann and William Chen
'SHAKESPEARE SONGS (for high voice and piano)' op.605 (September 2009)
A version of the cycle with piano in its original key of E major, as the string quartet
'Can Y Crud' op.592 (July 2008)
Welsh version of Cradle Song
'Four Songs of the Nativity (for tenor and piano)' op.590 (March 2008)
an arrangement of the original version for SATB and 8 brass
'TO SLEEP' op.569 (March 2006)
A setting of the sonnet by Keats for high voice and piano
'Aria Dolorosa' op.562 (January 2006)
The 'Stabat Mater' section from the oratorio 'The Passion of Mary' arranged for solo soprano and piano
'*SULTANSONG' op.561 (December 2005)
A song for three singers and piano
'Club-Song' op.553 (July 2005)
Written at the request of The Groucho Club for their 20th anniversary
'*WINTERDREAM' op.552 (April 2005)
A setting of Keats' 'La Belle Dame sans merci' for children's choir and piano
'Farewell My Gentle Harp' op.517 (March 2000)
A song for Tenor and Harp, see also op.218
''Wedding Is Great Juno's Crown'' op.490 (August 1996)
Song for soprano and organ
'My Peggy' op.486 (September 1995)
A song for SSA and piano
'Coronach (For Voice and Piano)' op.483 (1995)
A setting of a Scottish lament (See 478)
'Suite of Songs By Howard Blake' op.475 (November 1994)
A Faber Young Voices publication for voices and piano
'TU ES LE GISANT' op.469 (September 1994)
A setting of a poem for soprano and organ
'Two Scottish Songs (Sketch)' op.450 (March 1993)
Coronach and My Peggy
'Shakespeare Songs for Mezzo-Soprano And Piano' op.414 (June 1990)
Arrangement in D major by the composer transposed from the original for tenor and string quartet
'FEAR NO MORE THE HEAT OF THE SUN' op.411 (March 1990)
Song for counter-tenor (extract 'Shakespeare Songs')
''Granpa' (piano and vocal score)' op.420 (1990)
The concert work based on the animated film, arranged for voice and piano by the composer
'ISABELLE' op.398 (August 1989)
Song for soprano and piano
''WALKING IN HIS CARE'' op.379 (May 1987)
A hymn derived from 'Walking in the Air'
'MAKE BELIEVE' op.358 (December 1985)
The song for the animated film 'Granpa'
'Ring, Ring We Are The Carol Singers' op.357 (November 1985)
A Christmas carol
'Walking in the air (Theme from 'The Snowman') for voice and piano' op.323b (September 1983)
The song from the animated film of 'The Snowman' extracted from the complete score arranged for piano by the composer
'A TOCCATA OF GALUPPI'S' op.263 (April 1978)
Scena for baritone and harpsichord
'Of A Rose Is All My Song' op.241 (December 1976)
A late mediaeval poem of the nativity for bass and piano (or string quartet) later adapted as one of the Four Songs of the Nativity, see op.415
'HOLY MARY, MOTHER MILD' op.238 (October 1976)
A late mediaeval poem of the nativity for tenor and piano (or string quartet), original version, later adapted as one of the 'Four Songs of the Nativity), see op.415
'FAREWELL MY GENTLE HARP' op.218 (January 1976)
A song for soprano and harp
'IT WAS THE TIME OF ROSES' op.170 (October 1973)
A song for medium voice and piano
'THREE SUSSEX SONGS' op.164 (May 1973)
A song-cycle for mezzo soprano and piano, composed for Helen Watts
'SO WE'LL GO NO MORE A-ROVING' op.159 (June 1972)
Byron's poem set for voice and piano
'FIVE SONGS' op.19 (1966)
Written with lyrics by David Paramor (D. Dapp)
'WINTER THE HUNTSMAN' op.4 (April 1958)
Song for baritone and piano
'CHAMBER MUSIC' op.4A (1958)
Song settings of poems by James Joyce (sketch)
'EARTH AND AIR AND RAIN' op.1E (August 1957)
Song for tenor and piano
'IT WAS A LOVER AND HIS LASS' op.A (October 1954)
Song with piano
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