Arrangements and compositions created for an EMI instrumental solo album played by Howard Blake
Published by: Various
Commissioned by: EMI Studio 2 Abbey Road
Instrumentation: Keyboards- piano, organ, celeste, marimba, vibraphone (Howard Blake); Guitar (Eric Ford, John McLaughlin); Bass Guitar (Russ Stapleford); Percussion (Eric Allan); Drums (Richard Harwood/Tony Kinsey)

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Duration: 40 mins
First Performance: Studio 2 (also the name of the series) Abbey Road Studios 1964 . LP Released 1965
Recordings Available

LP album EMI Studio 2 192  1966 Amazon

Recording SX6040 Abbey Road Studio 2 1965


  • 1: Shark
    For organ group

    Published by Hunter

  • 2: Theme From "H"
    For organ group

    Published by York


Composer's note: I was 'discovered' playing in the Ad Lib Club in Leicester Square and given an audition by EMI Records at Abbey Road Studios as a result of which I made this album, notable for its early use of stereo effects and double-tracking. I composed two tracks for it, played all the keyboard instruments on it, composed the original numbers: 'The Shark' and 'Theme from 'H' , and made all the instrumental arrangements.

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Arrangements and compositions for an EMI solo instrumental album played by Howard Blake

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