PROMPT op.21 (1966)

Three experimental music tracks for Benton and Bowles
Published by: HB
Commissioned by: Benton and Bowles
Instrumentation: Various
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Duration: 5 mins


  • 1: Bostik

    2 x 15"
    Demo Only, Piano

  • 2: Prompt

    3 x 30", demos only.
    Agency: Benton & Bowles
    Producer: Graham Baker

  • 3: Ricol
    "The Ricol Way"

    Agency: Wynne Films
    Producer: Bob Mahoney.


Graham Baker, a young TV producer at Benton and Bowles asked if I could as an experiment compose three music tracks in completely different contemporary styles for a putative product named Prompt. I wrote one as rock, one as classical and one as jazz,

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