THE SNOWMAN (DEMO) op.309a (September 1981)

Pilot piano track
Published by: Wise
Commissioned by: TVC
Instrumentation: piano
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Duration: 8 mins
First Performance: Recording Advision Studios 31 September 1981
Sheet Music Available
Instrumental / piano score for hire

All sheet music for "The Snowman" and "Walking In The Air" since 2010 is published and available from Chester Music Ltd, part of The Music Sales Group, It can be purchased online from, or from music retailers.

"Walking In The Air" is also available in a concert piano-only version arranged by the composer direct from Highbridge Music as part of the collection of piano pieces called "Lifecycle", available form Amazon or from Highbridge Music.

Howard Blake describes 25 years of The Snowman animated film and 10 years of The Snowman Stage Show at Sadler's Wells Peacock Theatre in London's West End and plays "Walking in the Air". View the recording here.

The classic original Columbia album conducted by Howard Blake with treble soloist Peter Auty and narration by Bernard Cribbins is available from Sony Music Entertainment CDX71116CD, Amazon and retailers.

The 2010 DVD film of The Snowman Live Stage Show narrated by Joanna Lumley is available from Sony Music Entertainment, CDR 81267; also from Amazon and retailers.


Howard Blake's note: Gerry Potterton introduced me to John Coates the director of animation company TVC, who asked if I would look at a short pencil-drawn animatic based on a picture book called 'The Snowman'. When I saw it I thought a film could be made solely with music and recorded this 8-minute piano track as a demo. John took it to Jeremy Isaacs at Channel 4 who commissioned the film.

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