*RIDE OF THE VALKYRIE op.28 (May 1967)

A film score for 'Zero', a film by Peter Brook starring Zero Mostel, part three of the trilogy 'Red,White and Zero'
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Commissioned by: Peter Brook and Oscar Loewenstein for United Artists
Instrumentation: Flute, trumpet, 3 trombones, bass, drums.
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Duration: 15 mins
First Performance: Recorded May 4th 1967, Elstree Studios: Roy Willox (fl., picc., bass lf, cl., bass cl., alto sax), Derek Grossmith (fl., picc., bass fl., cl., tenor sax), Eddie Blair (trumpet/flugel), Don Lusher, Nat Peck, Cliff Hardy (trombones), Darryl Runswick (string bass), Ronnie Verrall (drums), Tristan Fry (timpani), Howard Blake (conductor)

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Composer's note: The film 'Zero' was one of a trilogy: 1. 'Red' - directed by Tony Richardson, starring Vanessa Redgrave 2. 'The White Bus' - directed by Lindsay Anderson starring Arthur Lowe. 3. 'Zero' directed by Peter Brook as a solo vehicle for Zero Mostel. He plays the part of a Wagnerian opera singer arriving late at Heathrow and having extreme difficulty in getting to Covent Garden in time for 'Die Walkure'. I took the liberty of contriving a jazzy satire on Wagner and his leitmotif system, scoring with heavy brass plus a rhythm section. Although it was well-received at the recording Lindsay Anderson, who took overall control of the project, did not know about Wagner or relish the satire of poking fun at him and largely eliminated the brass sections from the score (ie most of it!)  Producer Oscar Loewenstein. Film Company: Holly Productions. Associate Producer: John Fletcher

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