NOON DOOMSDAY op.54 (August 1968)

Film score starting the 4th series of 'The Avengers'
Published by: EMI
Commissioned by: ABC Studios, Elstree
Instrumentation: Orchestra
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The principal composer of "The Avengers" was Laurie Johnson who asked Howard Blake to take over scoring on 10 of the films whilst he was engaged on the musical "The Four Muskateers" at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, beginning with "My Wildest Dream". Producer: Albert Fennell


16th September 2015 Howard Blake will be interviewed about the legacy of music produced for ITV over the years - including his own involvement with 'The Avengers'., ITV Television first national screening at 8.00pm on 16th September 2015


Just in case you’re an ‘Avengers’ fan (the British ITV 60s-70s series not the American super-hero team, although you are allowed to like both) and didn’t know, composer Laurie Johnson wasn’t available to score the final ten episodes of Tara King’s season because he was scoring ‘The Four Musketeers’ film. Instead, Howard Blake who had actually played on earlier ‘Avengers’ scores stepped in. This CD, ‘The Avengers – Original Tara King Season Score’ thus highlights this material in a glorious 93 minutes 2 CD package. A 16 page booklet details all of this with a few photos of Steed and Tara from the show. What was most startling in the reveal of the session men involved in playing the music included notable names Kenny Baker, George Chishom and Herbie Flowers, all playing the instruments we’re familiar with that they played. If you’re British and of the right age, then their names should be familiar with you.


What is most remarkable about hearing music from these ten episodes away from the show is the diversity of composition. It goes without saying that they all have an action twist but it’s conveyed so well with a variety of musical instruments. There is very much a jazz appeal to the music, especially when a saxophone is added to the mix. On a lazy afternoon, this really is cool music to listen to as it enchants the room.

The longest selection of tracks and for its variety is ‘Noon Doomsday’ on disk # 1 which gained a western ‘High Noon’ theme to accompany the assassins waiting for their boss to accompany them to attack Steed.

The second CD has a shorter playing time than the first and if anything a more darker tone. The ‘Wah-wah Blues Marchs from ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ being especially effective.

One odd note is the music credits on the back of the CD box with nary a horizontal line between the columns is divided in two so be careful how you match them when listening and placing which episodes they came from. A must have for all ‘Avengers’ fans.

GF Willmetts

GFWillmets, Silva Screen, 1/8/2013

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