MR JERICO op.76A (1969)

An arrangement of a theme for the film 'Mr. Jerico' for the singer Lulu
Commissioned by: George Martin, Don Black and Laurie Johnson
First Performance: Recorded at ABPC Elstree Summer 1969


Laurie Johnson had scored the Peter Ustinov/Maggie Smith feature film 'Hot Millions' in the summer of 1968 and Lulu had recorded a single  called 'This time' for it. Laurie was asked to provide a possible hit song for a television feature film called 'Mr. Jerico', which used many actors from 'The Avengers' for which I had been composing scores. I believe Laurie had written 'Mr.Jerico' but he asked me to arrange and oversee it for Lulu. My only memory is of our being squeezed into a very small voice box for most of the afternoon while she did many takes to a backing track!

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