*ALL THE WAY UP op.82 (1970)

Score and song for a cinema feature film starring Warren Mitchell
Published by: Mercury Music
Commissioned by: Granada films
Instrumentation: orchestra
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Note on Lyrics: Song lyrics: 'All the way up' by Howard Blake
Duration: 30 mins
First Performance: Recorded at Advision studios 1970. Harold McNair flute, The Scaffold (Mike McGear, Roger Mc Gough) vocalists. with orchestra cond. by HB
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Featuring Warren Mitchell, producer Philip Mackie.

Composer's note: A first venture into feature films for Granada, a black comedy-satire on the upwardly-mobile, adapted from a theatre success with Sir Lawrence Olivier. I was asked to compose a song for the title sequence and a distinguished lyricist was provided for me to work with. However I found this very difficult and felt impelled to try and write my own lyric. Both lyrics were submitted to the producers who chose mine, which persuaded me to act as lyric-writer as well as composer.

'All the way up, get a little bit higher
All the way up, take it up to the top
All the way up, push a little bit harder but don't ever stop;
Finding a road that leads me up the easy way,
Taking a ride that satisfies me more and more each day,

All the way up, yes I'm finding my way now
All the way up, right on up to the top
All the way up, I don't care what they say now but I'll never stop,

All the way up, take it further and further,
All the way up, with a little to spare,
All the way up, I'm so full of ambition and I know I'm going to get there,

All the way up, get a little bit faster,
All the way up, I'm ahead of the crowd,
All the way up, not a thought of disaster till I'm sitting on a cloud,
The world's wide open and waiting for a man
Who has found how to make the connection,
Who has practised the art of deception,
Who is set now to take one direction,
All the way up!'

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