This is a complete list of scores composed, produced and conducted by the composer. Scores are only available as a special order. Durations indicate the amount of music written, not the overall length of the film.

Click on the title of any work for further details.

'THE LAND OF COUNTERPANE - AN ANIMATED FILM OF THE SONG-CYCLE' op.664 (September 2014) Listen to this Work
An animated film (script, music and film direction by Howard Blake, drawings by Mark Reeve, animation by Emmett Elvin
'THE SNOWMAN - FILM OF THE LIVE STAGE SHOW' op.628 (November 2010)
DVD VIDEO FILM with additional narration spoken by Joanna Lumley. Made for Sony Music Entertainment UK. Executive producers Stuart Rogers and Howard Blake
'THE PRINCE AND ME' op.545A (January 2004)
Song adapted from 'An Elephant Called Slowly' used for this feature film as 'Just a Ride'
The Duellists (Special Collectors Edition) DVD of the feature film with commentaries
'ABBAS KIAROSTAMI'S 'TEN'' op.530A (January 2002)
'Walking in the Air' effectively used as end-title music for this feature film
'MY LIFE SO FAR' op.508 (June 1999)
Score for a feature film (with Beethoven excerpts conducted by Sir Simon Rattle), starring Colin Firth, Rosemary Harris, Irene Jacob, Malcom MacDowell, Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio, directed by Hugh Hudson, produced by Sir David Puttnam
'THE BEAR'S TALE' op.510a (March 1998)
A documentary film about the making of 'The Bear'
'THE BEAR' op.496 (March 1998)
Songs and score for an animated film made for Channel 4 featuring the song 'Somewhere a star shines for everyone', sung on the film by 'discovery' Charlotte Church.
'A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM' op.487 (November 1995) Listen to this Work
Songs and score for a film of The Royal Shakespeare Company's production, starring Alex Jennings and Lindsay Duncan.
'A Magical Musical Journey' op.465 (May 1994)
Music for a film made by Julian Lennon and Kim Kindersley
'The Naked Animal' op.464 (1994)
Title music for a BBC TV series by Desmond Morris
'DARE ALL!' op.425 (April 1991)
A song for the Paralympics, a miniature cantata for chorus and orchestra with words and music created overnight for ITV's 'Challenge Anneka'
'*A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY' op.374 (November 1986)
Score for the Channel 4 feature film starring Kenneth Branagh and Colin Firth, directed by Pat O'Connor, produced by Ken Trodd. BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE ANTHONY ASQUITH AWARD FOR MUSICAL EXCELLENCE
'*THE CANTERVILLE GHOST' op.365 (June 1986)
Score for a film of the Oscar Wilde story, starring Sir John Gielgud as the ghost
'GRANPA' op.360 (February 1986) Listen to this Work
Score, songs and lyrics for a Channel 4 animated film featuring the voices of Peter Ustinov and Sarah Brightman. PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL
'THE WRECK OF THE JULIE PLANTE' op.344 (January 1984)
Song used as the complete music for an animated film
'AMITYVILLE 3-D' op.324 (July 1983) Listen to this Work
Score for a USA feature film directed by Richard Fleischer and produced by Dino de Laurentiis
'THE KEEP' op.319a (February 1983)
'The Theme from The Snowman' used in the 'Tangerine Dream' soundtrack
'THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE (USA version)' op.320A (January 1983)
Score for a feature film starring David Keith and directed by Frank Roddam - an alternative 'all-American' score recorded in Hollywood
'THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE(UK VERSION)' op.320 (November 1982)
Score for a feature film starring David Keith and directed by Frank Roddam, recorded in London
'THE HUNGER' op.314 (October 1982) Listen to this Work
Music supervised, arranged, conducted (and in some instances played) by Howard Blake for the feature film directed by Tony Scott starring Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie
'THE SNOWMAN (ANIMATED CHILDREN'S FILM)' op.310 (September 1982)
Channel 4 animated film directed by Diane Jackson, wordless except for the featured song, 'Walking in the Air', music and lyrics by Howard Blake who also composed, orchestrated and conducted the score. Oscar nomination, best short film; BAFTA best children's programme; Bafta TV nomination - best graphics; Grand Prix Tampere International Short Film Festival etc
'DOWN AT THE HYDRO' op.318 (July 1982)
Score for a TV film starring Jean Simmons and Ian Carmichael, one of the Granada series 'All for love'.
'THE SNOWMAN (DEMO)' op.309a (September 1981)
Pilot piano track
'MRS REINHARDT' op.312 (September 1981)
Score for a BBC TV film starring Helen Mirren
'VICTOR/VICTORIA' op.298 (February 1981)
Orchestrations for Henry Mancini for the Blake Edwards feature film starring Julie Andrews, James Garner and Robert Preston. Henry Mancini was awarded Oscar for best adaptation of score
'FLASH GORDON' op.293 (September 1980) Listen to this Work
Score composed and conducted for the feature film directed by Mike Hodges, produced by Dino de Laurentiis. Score written in collaboration with 'Queen' with whom he shared a BRITISH ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION
'OUR JOHN WILLIE' op.289 (November 1979)
Score for a children's BBC TV series directed by Marilyn Fox
'GENTLEFOLK' op.288 (October 1979)
Score for a BBC TV film directed by Rodney Bennett
'S.O.S.TITANIC' op.284 (August 1979) Listen to this Work
Score for the USA/UK feature film starring David Janssen, Ian Holm, Helen Mirren, David Warner, Cloris Leachman
'THE CHANGELING' op.274 (January 1979)
Theme music (the music-box theme) for the feature film starring George C.Scott. Director Peter Medak
'*THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS' op.271 (December 1978) Listen to this Work
Score for the feature film of Erskine Childers' novel directed by Tony Maylam (Michael York, Francesca Annis)
'*THE MOON STALLION' op.272 (October 1978)
Score for a children's BBC TV Series produced by Dorothea Brooking
'THE ODD JOB' op.269 (June 1978)
Score for the feature film starring David Jason and Graham Chapman. Director Peter Medak
'AGATHA' op.265 (April 1978)
Musical direction and composer of a full orchestral score for the feature film starring Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave, directed by Michael Apted
'BLOOD RELATIVES' op.264 (April 1978)
Score for the cinema feature film starring Donald Sutherland and Stephane Audran. Directed by Claude Chabrol
'*STRONGER THAN THE SUN' op.254 (October 1977)
Score for the BBC TV film written by Stephen Poliakoff in the Play for Today series
'THE DUELLISTS' op.247 (March 1977) Listen to this Work
Score for the feature film directed by Ridley Scott, produced by David Puttnam. SPECIAL JURY PRIZE CANNES FESTIVAL 1977: IVOR NOVELLO BEST SCORE NOMINATION 1977.
'LEAVING LILY' op.198 (March 1975)
Musical direction for a film by Graham Baker. BEST SHORT FILM, CHICAGO 1975
'HOKUSAI' op.211 (1975)
Music for a film about the artist, BRITISH ACADEMY AWARD FOR A SHORT FACTUAL FILM
A guide track created for Henry Mancini for the title sequences of Blake Edwards' Clouzot feature-film starring Peter Sellers. The brief was to include and satirise famous film moments and was animated by Tony White at the Richard Williams Studio
'THE REMARKABLE ROCKET' op.189 (August 1974)
Score for an animated film of the Oscar Wilde story for CBS/Reader's Digest with narration by David Niven
'THE RAINBOW BOYS' op.163 (February 1973)
Score for a Canadian feature film starring Donald Pleasance. Kate Reid and Don Calfa
'THE UP AND DOWN MAN' op.156 (1972)
13 episodes of a mime series for Thames Television
'TRAIL TO SURVIVAL' op.105 (January 1971)
Score for a TV documentary film
'ALL THE WAY UP' op.82 (1970)
Score and song for a cinema feature film starring Warren Mitchell
'WHO WAS THAT MAN I SAW YOU WITH?' op.58 (January 1969)
Film score for 'The Avengers' TV series
'SOME WILL, SOME WON'T' op.71 (1969)
Score for an English comedy cinema feature film starring Ronnie Corbett, Leslie Phillips, Dennis Price, Michael Hordern, Thora Hird
'AN ELEPHANT CALLED SLOWLY' op.70 (1969) Listen to this Work
Score for a feature film, sequel to 'Born Free', starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers
'TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER' op.57 (December 1968)
Film score for 'The Avengers' TV series
'THE INTERROGATORS' op.56 (October 1968)
Film score for "The Avengers"
'WISH YOU WERE HERE' op.55 (September 1968)
Film score for "The Avengers" TV series
'MOMAKO' op.43 (September 1968)
A score for a film by a mime artist
'NOON DOOMSDAY' op.54 (August 1968)
Film score starting the 4th series of 'The Avengers'
'GAME' op.53 (July 1968)
Film score for "The Avengers" TV Series
Film score for "The Avengers" TV Series
'A JOB IN COAL' op.34 (June 1968)
Score for a documentary film using a jazz/rock style with Hammond organ, gtr, bass and drums
Music for a slide exhibition using muilti-tracked and electronically-manipulated percussion instruments
'ALL DONE WITH MIRRORS' op.51 (June 1968)
Film score for "The Avengers" TV Series
'MON BAGAGE - MON AMOUR' op.33 (May 1968)
Score for a short film, commissioned by Stuart Cooper/Sawbuck productions
'MY WILDEST DREAM' op.49 (May 1968)
Film score for "The Avengers" TV Series
Film score section for "The Avengers" TV Series (Title Music Only)
Four cues composed and performed on Hammond organ for a Hammer feature film
'THE SPORTING BRITISH' op.31 (December 1967)
Score for a documentary film, commissioned by Dateline Films
'FISHMARKET' op.30 (June 1967)
Score for a documentary film about Billingsgate Market, commissioned by Dateline Films
'DAIRY AT PARK STREET' op.29 (June 1967)
Score for a documentary film played by 'Big Jim' Sullivan on a 12-string electric guitar
'RIDE OF THE VALKYRIE' op.28 (May 1967)
A film score for 'Zero', a film by Peter Brook starring Zero Mostel, part three of the trilogy 'Red,White and Zero'
Two arrangements for Francis Lai for a feature film starring Oliver Reed, Orson Welles, Carol White, Michael Hordern, Marianne Faithfull, Edward Fox, directed by Michael Winner
'A FEW DAYS' op.6 (November 1962) Listen to this Work
16mm. film - Script, Direction and Music by Howard Blake, Photography by Alf Francis
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