A concert piece for solo cello inspired by a sculpture by Arman
Published by: Highbridge Music
Commissioned by: The Kronberg Festival
Instrumentation: solo cello

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Duration: 7 mins
First Performance: Benedict Kloeckner cello in the Stadtshalle, Kronberg, October 2nd 2015


Composer’s note: ‘In 2015 I was asked by the Kronberg Festival to write a short piece for solo cello inspired by a sculpture in bronze, ‘Music Power’ by von Arman (b. USA 1928) that was to be exhibited in the Victoria Park there.  I was sent a photo of the work and saw what looked like seven old cellos piled up as if in a funeral pyre. What was Arman’s thought behind this? A book ‘The Chronicle of Jazz’ told me that in 1928 an attempt was made to incorporate the cello into jazz which prompted me to attempt a work in that idiom.


10th December 2019
- 12th December 2019
Benedict Kloeckner, Howard Blake (others tba), Leipzig

A second album of cello-based chamber music to follow up on the succesful 'Diversions' CD of 2015

2nd October 2015 Benedict Koeckner solo cello, Kronberg Academy

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