A Trio In Three Movements derived from the music of the film 'A few days', published by Chappell's
Published by: Chappell's
Commissioned by: Philip Pfaff - Chappell's
Instrumentation: Flute, clarinet and piano
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Duration: 8 mins
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  • 1: Allegretto
  • 2: Andante - Waltz - Andante
  • 3: Allegro Assai


Howard wrote, directed and edited a 16mm film called 'A Few Days' whilst working at The National Film Theatre in 1961/2. He also wrote the 'stream of consciousness' voice-over and composed the music score. The film was given a public performance in the main theatre of the NFT on April 25th 1963 as a short before the Humphrey Bogart feature 'The Maltese Falcon'. Following this performance the film was acquired by The British Film Institute Film Library.

In 1964 Howard was approached by the music publishers Chappell and Co. who suggested that he might revise the Romantic Theme (2.Allegro) from the film and use it to create a first movement of a trio, also suggesting that it would be more 'useful' if the harp part  could be replaced by piano. Howard agreed to this and also composed the 2nd movement (Andante-Waltz-Andante) and the 3rd movement (Allegro). The completed work was published by Chappells imprint 'Music for Education' (Music for instrumental ensemble) in 1964 as 'Trio for flute, clarinet and piano'. In 1961 Chappell's had published Howard's 'Fantasy-Allegro' -a trio for Flute/or Oboe/or B flat clarinet, bassoon and piano in their 'Music for Woodwind Ensemble' series; 'Party Pieces'-a suite for pianoforete; and 'Burlesca' for violin and pianoforte. The splendid premises of Chappell and Co, at this time were at 50 Bond Street and it was a great tragedy that not so much later the building was burnt down destroying original manuscripts and extensive archives. The publications by Highbridge Music are reprinted here from Howard's original materials.


2nd July 2021 KORROS ENSEMBLE - CD Korros Ensemble: Eliza Marshall, flute, Nicholas Ellis, clarinet, Camilla Pay, harp, planning Convivium recording of Howard Blake Trio op.25 along with other works,



14th March 2020 Ace Trio, CSUN Cypress Hall

flute: Shannon Conchola

clarinet: Ryan Glass

piano: Jason Stoll

As of 23/01/2021 this excellent performance has clocked up 738 views on YT

(Well-deserved! Howard Blake UK.)

8th May 2009 The Sterling Trio, St James's Piccadlly London, 1.10pm
December 2008

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Concert piece in 3 movements - an arrangement of the trio for flute, clarinet and piano (op.25)

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