*THE ENCHANTMENT OF VENUS op.566 (March 2006)

Concert Work (for basset clarinet and piano)
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Commissioned by: Composed for Colin Lawson on his appointment as Director of The Royal College of Music 2006
Duration: 8 mins
First Performance: Colin Lawson and Howard Blake at the Concert Room, 49 Queen's Gate Terrace, London November 1st 2006

Recordings Available
Recording in preparation


'The goddess Athena invents the Aulos and plays it at banquets of the gods.  Finding it distorts her features she discards it and pronounces a curse against whoever picks it up. The satyr Marsyas comes upon it and wins such esteem that the the lyre-playing Apollo is furious and challenges him to a duel. Despite his wonderful playing Marsyas is tricked and tragically condemned to the underworld; but he sets himself the task of creating an instrument of such range and beauty that he can re-challenge Apollo and triumph. He mounts the steps of Olympus, plays brillliantly and seductively and Venus is enchanted.'


27th May 2016 Ewan Zuckert (basset-clarinet), Royal College of Music
1st November 2006 Colin Lawson, Howard Blake (first concert performance), The Concert Room at 49 Queen's Gate Terrace, London as part of an all-HB programme for woodwind and piano: first concert performance of 'Six Romantic Pieces' for clarinet and piano by Janet Hilton and HB, Serenade for Wind Octet and Burlesque Suite for Clarinet, bassoon and piano

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