REMEMBRANCE MARCH op.5b (December 1960)

orchestral piece
Published by: Weinberger
Instrumentation: Full orchestra

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Duration: 3 mins
First Performance:

1.The House of Lords, Westminster.London





1. Stephie Leingauer asked if I could write a solemn march for use at the filming of the imminent opening of parliament at Westminster. I obliged with this theme in D major played first quietly on low strings, a middle section modulating to B flat major with a climactic return to fortissimo full orchestra. It was accepted by the royalty concerned and used shortly after its recording in Stuttgart.

 2. The track was uploaded to a video of President Lyndon B. Johnson awarding the United States' highest military medal to some soldiers for their actions during the Vietnam War. 'Remembrance March' was attached to the footage by members of the U.S. Navy and it greatly enhanced the emotional nature of the documentary footage. A short clip containing some of the music can be found on:

Info. from: Matthew Bybee, Long Beach, California, USA.



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