Symphonic concert work in one movement
Published by: Anglo-Continental Highbridge Music Ltd
Instrumentation: 22(=ca)22 4331 timp 3pc hp str
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Duration: 12:14
First Performance:

Recording by Samo Hubad conducting the RTV Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra [Concert Music Volume 2] 1972

 First live performance at the Fairfield Hall by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Arthur Davison, 10th September 1975 (under the title: 'Movement for orchestra'.)

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LP released by Apollo Sound 1973 N/A.

Recording available from Highbridge Music on demand.


Recording 1972 Apollo Sound, AS 1011 as 'Movement for Orchestra'
RTV Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra, conductor Samo Hubad
Originally published by Anglo-Continental (Richard Frank), January 1967.


Record sleeve note {1972}:

The young English composer Howard Blake has made his name mainly by writing film music of which the series 'The Avengers' is probably the most popular. Trained as a concert pianist, he always resisted any stiff rules and imposed forms in music and retained a delightfully refreshing romantic and highly emotional approach to his art. What could be more romantic and more emotional than his MOVEMENT FOR ORCHESTRA? The haunting theme which starts the composition develops into a rhythmical movement, almost in its language inviting the choreographer to take over. After a melodic interlude the excitement grows in fiery string pizzicatos and mounts to  a full orchestral climax in the stubborn rhythm of the coda. [Philleda Moncrieff.]


5th December 2020 Orchestral music of Howard Blake, a short CD album resurrected from original 33rpm vinyl recordings made in the early seventies - two of Howard's earliest orchestral works - 'Four Miniatures'(8'20'',1961) and 'Movement for Orchestra' (12'14'',1967) on Dinmore Records, beautifully-produced by Philip.T.Lane,
26th February 1990 Grant Hossack, BBC Radio Orchestra, BBC The Hippodrome, Golders Green

BBC broadcast 29th October 1991 as 'Symphony in one movement'

10th September 1975 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Arthur Davison under the title 'Movement for orchestra', Fairfield Halls, Croydon

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