SKETCHES FOR A SYMPHONY op.158 (March 1972)

An uncompleted project
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Duration: 60 mins


Composer's note: On 'dropping-out' of  London in early 1970 I first began to explore the possibilities of symphonic music combined with film, an idea which had fascinated me since schooldays. A theme came to me whilst walking on Cornish beaches which seemed representative of Innocence and Transcendence and I placed it as the opening theme of this ambitious  'symphony' project. I eventually added a lyric to this theme entitled 'Walking in the air' which was used in the animated film 'The snowman' (1982).  Although I wrote many sketches both in terms of script and music, I could not at that time pull them together and I shelved the project. However the gradual evolution and addition of music  during the creation of the ballet 'The Snowman' (1993) and 'The Stage Show of the Snowman' (1993/2000) finally all linked up together into 'The Snowman Symphony' (2009) as yet unreleased.

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