'SULTANSONG' FOR GAMELAN op.561a (December 2005)

an extended arrangement including gamelan
Published by: Highbridge Music
Instrumentation: tenor, soprano and mezzo-soprano (or 3 sopranos; or 3 violins), piano and gamelan

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Note on Lyrics: Howard Blake
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In December 2005 the composer was invited to visit Malaysia  by HRH Idris, The Sultan of Selangor, in order to give a recital of his piano music. Whilst there he was also invited to an informal concert given by the Sultan's gamelan orchestra and he joined in performing with them.  'Sultansong' for 3 voices and piano was written as a present for the Sultan's 60th birthday and performed in his presence at the Istana Palace.

This extended version of 'Sultansong' for voices, piano and gamelan orchestra was also created by the composer but has remained unperformed. (see 561a) It can also be performed as an instrumental, substituting the 3 voices with 3 violins.

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