FIVE SONGS op.19 (1966)

Written with lyrics by David Paramor (D. Dapp)
Published by: Hunter/EMI Music
Commissioned by: David Paramor
Instrumentation: Vocal, backing group, guitar, bass, drums.
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Duration: 10 mins
First Performance: Demo recording only.


  • 1: And It Looks Like Rain
  • 2: I Can't Love Her Half As Much
  • 3: Mailing My Letter
  • 4: Black Velvet
  • 5: Its Not Me


Composer note: I was signed to Hunter Music/EMI as a 'songwriter' but it soon became apparent that they were not interested in my writing songs. David Paramor had 'discovered' me and signed me to record an album of popular classics for Studio 2, Abbey Road and it was he that introduced me to Hunter. They however did not even bother to listen to the songs, explaining that the signing was merely so that they could collect copyright on the Abbey Road recordings. Fortunately the contract expired after two years.

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