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The Snowman (CD)

Released: 28th October 1983
Recorded: 5th July 1982
Artists: Peter Auty (treble), Bernard Cribbins (narrator), Sinfonia of London conducted by Howard Blake
Categories: [Orchestra with Projected Film (or narrator)]
Available from:
Amazon UK
Sony Classical
Released by: Sony Music Classical

Related Opuses


  • 1) 01.01 Waking In A World Of Snow
  • 2) 01.02 Footprints In The Snow
  • 3) 01.03 Building The Snowman
  • 4) 01.04 Bedtime
  • 5) 01.05 The Snowman Comes To Life
  • 6) 01.06 Calypso
  • 7) 01.07 The Music Box Dance
  • 8) 01.08 Motorbike Galop
  • 9) Walking In The Air
  • 10) 03.01 Dance Of The Snowmen
  • 11) 03.02 Flying Home
  • 12) 03.03 The Next Day
  • 13) 04.01 Waking In A World Of Snow
  • 14) 04.02 Footprints In The Snow
  • 15) 04.03 Building The Snowman
  • 16) 04.04 Bedtime
  • 17) 04.05 The Snowman Comes To Life
  • 18) 04.06 Calypso
  • 19) 04.07 The Music Box Dance
  • 20) 04.08 Motorbike Galop
  • 21) Walking In The Air
  • 22) 06.01 Dance Of The Snowmen
  • 23) 06.02 Flying Home
  • 24) 06.03 The Next Day


by Thomas S. Hischak in The Encyclopaedia of Film Composers 2015 1/8/2015

'...Like William Walton, Howard Blake, William Alwyn and other masterful British composers from the concert world who work or worked occasionally in films, Benjamin left his mark on the British cinema by providing superb scores for some fine movies, but all of Blake's many musical works, both for the screen and elsewhere, are somewhat eclipsed by his score for 'The Snowman'. The contagious six-note phrase in the 'Walking in the Air' theme (and song) is one of those rare pieces of music that needs to be heard only once and it is never forgotten. The hymn-like theme is both reverent and spirited, gleeful and bittersweet......Blake is not embarassed that of his hundreds of works his most beloved music is that for an animated short. How can one not be proud of this twenty-six minutes of pure musical joy?'

(see extended article on Howard Blake in 'The Encyclopaedia of Film Composers', Rowman & Littlefield, New York & London)

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