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The Snowman The Stage Show (CD)

Released: 1998
Recorded: July 1998
Artists: Director Thomas Grimm, Producer Neil Mundy for Reiner Moritz Associates.
Categories: [Ballet] [Film & TV Scores] [Theatre]
Available from:
Highbridge Music
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Released by: RM Associates

The first film made of the two-act Snowman Stage Show shot in The Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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  • 1) Waking to a world of snow
  • 2) Footprints in the snow
  • 3) Building the Snowman
  • 4) Golden Crowns and Jewels Gleaming - christmas carol
  • 5) Bedtime
  • 6) The snowman comes to life
  • 7) The cat
  • 8) Disco lights
  • 9) Tropical fruit calypso
  • 10) The music box
  • 11) Motorbike chase
  • 12) Walking in the air
  • 13) Dance of the snowmen
  • 14) Father Christmas and his reindeer
  • 15) The robot
  • 16) Arabian magic
  • 17) Pas de deux - Love Duet
  • 18) Cowboy tango
  • 19) Flying home
  • 20) The next day

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