Lyrics & Texts by Howard Blake

Howard has written lyrics for his songs, such as 'Walking in the Air', compiled scenarios for major works such as Benedictus'  and librettos such as that for 'The Station'. There are also essays, poems and the dialogue 'Schoenberg's cosmic blunder'. This is a complete list. See also the Verse and Prose category under "Musical Works" on the left of this page.

'A FEW DAYS' op.6 (November 1962)
Poem by Howard Blake, spoken by Elona Thomas
'ALL THE WAY UP' op.82 (1970)
Song lyrics: 'All the way up' by Howard Blake
'Blake Versus Blake' op.152 (April 1972)
Satirical poem by Howard Blake
'TINTACK THE COBBLER' op.166A (July 1973)
Script written by Howard Blake after 7 days of discussion
'Music And The Media' op.173 (September 1973)
An essay by Howard Blake
'THE NEW NATIONAL SONGBOOK' op.190 (November 1974)
Texts: lyrics by Howard Blake (Eng) inspired by a book called "The English Difference" by Paul Jennings
'Lullaby (for a cappella vocal group)' op.214 (December 1975)
words by Howard Blake
'Lullaby (for soloists, choir and orchestra)' op.236 (1976)
Text by Howard Blake drawing on biblical sources
'Men Of Britain Heirs Of Glory' op.237 (October 1976)
'Love - A - Round' op.251 (July 1977)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'From The Cradle To The Grave' op.275 (March 1979)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'BENEDICTUS' op.282 (May 1980)
Text compiled by the composer from "The Rule of St Benedict" and "The Hound of Heaven" by Francis Thompson (see Lyrics)
'THE SNOWMAN CONCERT VERSION (to be performed with optional projected film, or narration, or both), for boy soprano and orchestra' op.323 (October 1983)
Narration by Howard Blake by permission of Raymond Briggs; Lyrics of 'Walking in the air' by Howard Blake
'The Snowman Piano Score , Treble and Narrator' op.323a (November 1983)
narration and lyrics by Howard Blake
'LE BONHOMME DE NEIGE (for narrator , treble and orchestra)' op.342 (January 1985)
translated by Howard Blake with assistance from Jean-Claude, Jacqueline and Isabelle Deschamps, Golfe-Juan, January 1985
'We're Walking In The Air' op.343 (January 1985)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'The Remarkable Rocket' op.354 (October 1985)
Narration by Howard Blake from the story by Oscar Wilde
'Make Believe' op.358 (December 1985)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'GRANPA (an animated film)' op.360 (February 1986)
Original book by John Burningham. Script and lyrics by Howard Blake
'The Snowman Easy Piano Picture Book' op.364a (April 1986)
Lyrics and narration by Howard Blake
'The Snowman - schools version' op.369 (1986)
Lyrics and narration written by Howard Blake
'Schoenbergs Cosmic Blunder' op.375 (1986)
Text of a satirical, socratic dialogue by Howard Blake
'The Up And Down Man (with narration)' op.392 (December 1988)
Commentary by Howard Blake
'GRANPA' op.393 (January 1988)
Words and music by Howard Blake, adapted from the story-book by John Burningham
'Isabelle' op.398 (August 1989)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'*CHRISTMAS LULLABY' op.413 (April 1990)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'Love - A - Round' op.417 (November 1990)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
''Granpa' (piano and vocal score)' op.420 (1990)
Libretto by Howard Blake (after the book by John Burningham)
'*DARE ALL! - a song for the Paralympics' op.425 (April 1991)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'*LET MUSIC LIVE!' op.426 (July 1991)
Text by Howard Blake
'THE STATION' op.427 (June 1991)
Libretto by Howard Blake
'AUTOBIOGRAPHY' op.428 (January 2011)
Text for an unpublished book by Howard Blake, copyright held by the author, all rights reserved. Any text that may be considered incorrect or in any way offensive will be considered for correction on receipt of recognised and authenticated communication
'Walking In The Air (For Girls Choir And Orchestra)' op.434 (December 1991)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'*FAITH ALONE CAN BUILD A CITY' op.438 (December 1991)
Text by Howard Blake
'*Music: Passion For An Art' op.440 (April 1992)
A foray into art criticism by Howard Blake
'All For Good' op.442 (April 1992)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'The Bells (A Script)' op.443 (May 1992)
A 'fairy story' by Howard Blake
Song 'Walking in the air', music and lyrics by Howard Blake
Music and lyrics by Howard Blake, scenario by Howard Blake, Bill Alexander and Robert North
'Suite of Songs By Howard Blake' op.475 (November 1994)
'*CHARTER FOR PEACE for chorus and orchestra' op.480 (May 1995)
Text from the UN Charter of 1945
'Let Music Live! (2)' op.491 (September 1996)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'*THE BEAR (an animated film)' op.496 (March 1998)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
Lyrics and script by Howard Blake
'Christmas Lullaby' op.502 (August 1997)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'Somewhere A Star Shines For Everyone' op.509 (April 1999)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'THE BEAR CONCERT VERSION to be narrated or performed with projected film, girl soprano, tenor and baritone soloists and orchestra' op.510 (April 1999)
Music and lyrics by Howard Blake, based on the animated Channel 4 film directed and story-boarded by Hilary Audus (adapted and extended from the picture book drawn by Raymond Briggs)
Lyrics for the songs 'Walking in the air' and 'Golden crowns with jewels gleaming' by Howard Blake
'CRADLE SONG (for two trebles and orchestra)' op.545 (April 2005)
Lyric by Howard Blake
'*Kneel Jenkins, Kneel' op.551 (April 2005)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'Club-Song' op.553 (July 2005)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'Le Bonhomme de Neige' op.556 (January 1985)
'Walking In The Air' op.558 (September 2005)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'Charter For Peace (revised version)' op.560 (October 2005)
Text compiled from the preamble to the UN Charter with Latin declamations added by the composer
'*SULTANSONG' op.561 (December 2005)
Lyrics by Howard Blake
'I'M ALL RIGHT JACK' op.597 (January 2009)
Book:Alan Hackney 1958; Libretto: Howard Blake/Alan Hackney 1984 (unfinished); revised Jan. 2009

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