THE MOON STALLION op.272 (October 1978)

Score for a children's BBC TV Series produced by Dorothea Brooking
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Commissioned by: BBC Children's Drama Unit
Instrumentation: Dulcimer/pc,ob,fl,hp
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Duration: 24 mins
First Performance: Recorded BBC Lime Grove Oct/Nov 1978
Recordings Available
The Moon Stallion
Recorded: 1978
Artists: Howard Blake (composer,conductor), Christopher Taylor (flute), Richard Morgan (oboe), David Corkhill (dulcimer, wind chimes, tabor, timpani), Skyla Kanga (harp)
Available from: Highbridge Music.

CD soundtrack album of  9 selected tracks available from Highbridge Music.

Video and DVD versions of the complete series are available from Amazon


A TV series in 6 episodes. Producer Dorothea Brooking

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