DISGRACED, FORGIVEN op.727 (October 2021)

Two pieces for string quartet composed for the film 'My Life So Far' 1999
Published by: Highbridge Music. Scores available on-line or by post if requested.
Commissioned by: David Puttnam (Enigma) and Harvey Weinstein (Miramax)
Instrumentation: string quartet

[Key to Abbreviations]
Duration: 3 mins
First Performance: TBA
Sheet Music Available
Full score for sale
Instrumental parts for sale
Full score for hire
Instrumental parts for hire

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'*MY LIFE SO FAR' op.508 (June 1999)
Score for a feature film (with Beethoven excerpts conducted by Sir Simon Rattle), starring Colin Firth, Rosemary Harris, Irene Jacob, Malcom MacDowell, Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio, directed by Hugh Hudson, produced by Sir David Puttnam

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