LA MEVA TERRA op.704 (September 2018)

A song in Catalan for lyric soprano and ensemble
Published by: Highbridge Music. Score and parts on request from Highbridge Music(all rights pending agreement)
Commissioned by: Jordi Borras Gelonch (Gerent) Tarragona - Spain
Instrumentation: Soprano, organ (optional), flute and string quartet

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Note on Lyrics: Poem by Jaume Comas (in Catalan)
Duration: 6 mins
First Performance: Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain  January 2019

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3rd January 2019
- 10th January 2019
The Liverpool String Quartet with Jaume Comas as narrator of The Snowman. Concert produced by Ars Aurea Sonora (director Jordi Borras) with the support of 'Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura tbc,

Performances of a new song 'Le Meva Terra', music by Howard Blake and lyrics by Jaume Comas, for soprano and ensemble will be given by Ana Puche soprano with The Liverpool String Quartet and Nelia Sanxis (flute) who will also play the solo part in performances of the Flute Quintet.

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