DARE ALL! op.425 (April 1991)

A song for the Paralympics, a miniature cantata for chorus and orchestra with words and music created overnight for ITV's 'Challenge Anneka'
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Note on Lyrics: Lyrics by Howard Blake
Duration: 1 mins
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Composer note: Anneka's challenge was to create a 60'' film commercial in one day flat which would celebrate, promote and encourage the marvellous achievements of the Paralympics. I was asked if I could create  the music within a day too, which meant not only writing it but assembling an orchestra and choir and recording it exactly in synch with the final cut of the film. After writing the score in my studio with cameras whirring I photocopied all the parts and set off for St. John's Smith Square in the Rice-mobile. Volunteers from famous London Choral societies were pouring into the building and the Orchestra of St, John's Smith Square was assembling and already tuning up. All of us worked for nothing and the finished film complete with music track was raced up to the ITV building and shown on air at 11pm. A crowd of the Paralympic athletes were present in the studio and many were overcome with emotion by the result. They thought it was a wonderful tribute to their skills and a wonderful way of making the world more aware of both their problems and their extraordinary triumphs over adversity.


Dare all!
Strive for Victory!
Heart, Mind, and Soul!

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