MME. DE LEON'S SALON op.583 (March 2007)

Piano solo from the film 'The Duellists'
Published by: Highbridge Music Limited/Paramount Films
Duration: 2 mins
Sheet Music Available
Instrumental / piano score for sale
Recordings Available

DVD The Duellists/Paramount

CD of soundtrack Airstrip One Company 


The original as heard on the feature film was improvised by the composer and no score existed until this arrangement was written out and printed  by the composer March 13 2007

Related Works

'*THE DUELLISTS' op.247 (March 1977) (Audio Sample Available)
Score for the feature film directed by Ridley Scott, produced by David Puttnam. SPECIAL JURY PRIZE CANNES FESTIVAL 1977: IVOR NOVELLO BEST SCORE NOMINATION 1977.

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