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'SYMPHONY NO. 4 - THE DUELLISTS' op.642 (January 2013)
Music from the orchestral score of Ridley Scott's film masterpiece
'SYMPHONY NO.3 - 'THE SNOWMAN'' op.595 (January 2010)
A work combining the music of 'The Snowman' (both the film and the ballet) into a symphony for choir and orch.
'SYMPHONY NO. 2 - 'TOCCATA'' op.386 (May 1988) Listen to this Work
A 'concerto for orchestra' in an extended one-movement form consisting of a toccata, fugue and finale. aka 'A celebration of the orchestra'.'
'SYMPHONY NO. 1 - IMPRESSIONS OF A CITY' op.42 (January 1967)
Symphonic concert work in one movement
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