PICADOR, CAMAY, CO-OP op.20 (September 1966)

Three TV advertising films directed by Peter Collinson
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Commissioned by: Benton and Bowles

Picador: 3 baritone singers and 3 trombones 30''

Camay: solo guitar vibraphone string quartet 30''

Co-op: 'big band - flute, 3 tr, 3 trb, cb and drums 30''

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Duration: 1:30


  • 1: Picador
    1) Rugby, 2) Lorry Driver

    Directed by Peter Collinson,
    Agency Masius Wynne-Williams
    1 x 15"

  • 2: Camay

    Directed by Peter Collinson,
    Agency Benton & Bowles
    Produced by Mike Fredman
    3 x 45"

  • 3: Co-Op

    Directed by Peter Collinson,
    Agency: Aspect
    Producer: Brian Little
    2 x 45", 1 x 15"


Composer's note: In 1965 I was working as MD for singer Liza Shane, who had taken over from Barbra Steisand in the London run of 'Funny Girl'. She and her husband Peter Collinson came over to my flat in Hammersmith one evening and I recorded some outrageous spoof 'commercials' as a joke. Peter seemed very annoyed by this but next day I was phoned by a producer at Benton and Bowles and asked to do some real TV commercials for him. I thus found out that Peter was much in demand as a film director of commercials. We remained friends as he went on to make feature films, most famously 'The Italian Job', but tragically died of cancer in his early forties.

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