BRITISH AIRWAYS - 'SUPERLAKME' op.353 (September 1985)

Music for a TV advertising film
Published by: PD/HB
Commissioned by: Saatchi and Saatchi - producer Martha Greene

2 picc  2 fl  2 cla  2 bsn  4 hns  3 trb  tuba  3 timp  perc 2  cymb  perc 3 glock  pc 4 sd

2 solo voices

vns 1 16  vn 2 6  viola 4  celli 4  cb 2

[Key to Abbreviations]
First Performance: CTS 1  17.9.1985 Dick Lewzey


I was asked by Martha Greene at Saatchi's if I could write a version of Lakme as if orchestrated by Richard Strauss at full throttle. I was happy to oblige but in the event it was decided to be perhaps a little too opulent and that it might give the wrong idea about British Airways. I am sure they were right to withdraw it but it was fun to record and a very big line-up for a single 60-second commercial.

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