Make-Believe (extract Lifecycle) op.489x (1996)

Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Instrumentation: Piano
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Duration: 1:31
Sheet Music Available
Instrumental / piano score for sale

Make-Believe is available singly as a booklet  here:

It is also one of the pieces in 'Lifeycle' a collection of 24 piano pieces by Howard Blake which is available for sale complete as a book, here:

Recordings Available
Lifecycle, piano music of imagination and reflection
Released: 2003
Recorded: 2002
Artists: William Chen (Piano)
Available from: ABC Classics (Australia) Amazon UK

Recorded by William Chen as one of the items on 'Lifecycle' ABC Classics. Available from Amazon


In F# major, composed in 1986 in Kensington.  Published 1996 as Number 24 of 'Lifecycle'. Popular as a piece for Grade 6 - 7 piano players.

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'*LIFECYCLE' op.489 (1996) (Audio Sample Available)
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