CRADLE SONG for two trebles and orchestra op.545 (April 2005)

An arrangement of "Christmas Lullaby" op. 413 with a secular lyric
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd
Instrumentation: 1010 0000 str
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Note on Lyrics: Lyric by Howard Blake
Duration: 5:15
First Performance: Beaumaris Leisure Centre, Osian Jones, Meilir Evans, Anglesey Youth Orchestra conducted by Howard Blake April 2nd 2005
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Cradle Song

Lyric by Howard Blake 2004


Daylight ending, night beginning,

Blackbird quietly homeward winging,

Evening star a jewel appearing

In the gently dark'ning sky


Families to their homes returning,

Setting fires and candles burning,

Gleams of light like fingers stealing

Softly round the passers-by.


Distant voices faintly heard,

Here a cry and there a word,

Sounds of tears and sudden laughter

Quelling all our fear.


Close nearby a mother singing,

Infant son son to his cradle bringing,

Moonlight through the windows streaming,

Casting spells on children dreaming


Safe and sound and sleeping till

The dawn shall rise on another day.

Lullaby, lullaby

Lullaby, lullaby


10th October 2006 Martlesham Cantilena Choir directed by Helen Patricia Burrows, St John's Ipswich, 7.15; Suffolk Festival of the Performing Arts

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