EPILOGUE FOR SOLO VIOLIN op.713 (April 2020)

An arrangement of music originally written for solo viola for the oratorio 'Benedictus'
Published by: Highbridge Music Ltd, Studio 6, 18 Kensington Court Place, W8 5BJ
Commissioned by: Alan Parmenter
Instrumentation: solo violin

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Duration: 5 mins
First Performance:

The music was originally composed for solo viola to begin and end Howard Blake’s critically-acclaimed oratorio ‘Benedictus’.  After a performance at St Albans Cathedral in 2019, critic Roderick Dunnett of 'The Church Times' wrote “The finishing touch of the viola solo was one of genius.” This version for violin has been specially arranged by the composer for soloist Alan Parmenter. Recorded and filmed by solo violinist Alan Parmenter during the coronavirus lockdown at the composer's studio in Kensington, 18th June 2020. See YouTube


Sheet Music Available
Recordings Available
Howard Blake Official YouTube https://youtu.be/m139DB_mLqI


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